Many people in the Middle East have endured the loss of their home and family. Thousands have barely escaped with their lives from the terrors of Islamic State as they were driven from their homeland, forced to live as refugees or displaced people in makeshift accommodation. Others endure constant terror and violence as they continue to live in the midst of a hostile environment. We are pleased to bring you a report on a distribution program for blankets.

We have reached over 8,000 families in the central and northern parts of Egypt, where our contacts told us many are in great need and would benefit from the blankets. These blankets are of good quality and are large enough to cover a family of four, providing children with the additional security of being close to their parents during cold winter nights.

We distributed even more blankets than anticipated after our national contact was able to procure them from a wholesaler who was sympathetic to our cause and sold them to us at a reduced rate.

Blankets were also distributed in Iraq. The extreme cold temperatures have been met with the warmth of blankets to wrap around the people, who know these practical gifts have been sent with great love. These blankets are a very tangible reminder that they are not forgotten.

We are truly thankful for the way in which you, our partners in this ministry, have responded to this valuable program which has reached so many families in need. You have truly put a smile on the faces of many children, and on the faces of many parents too.