Aid Distribution International was set up in 2004 in Australia with the aim to negotiate help in disadvantaged countries and disaster areas in the funding and execution of helpful projects.

ADI has contacts in many parts of the world and seeks to match humanitarian donors or organisations with projects that will meet significant needs.

Aid Distribution International has minimal administrative costs as it does not maintain a large staff but acts as a negotiator to encourage existing groups to accountably care for some of this world’s disadvantaged people.

■ Provision of equipment such as bicycles, motor cycles, electronic goods and garden tools in tribal areas.

■ Humanitarian work with widows and orphans.

■ Literacy programs for children or adults.

■ Printing and supplying literacy material in disadvantaged countries.

■ Sources medical assistance in emerging nations.

■ Distribution in disaster situations such as famines, earthquakes and tsunamis of life packs with survival items.

■ Provides funding for micro enterprise sustainable businesses.