Many Sudanese people lack basic medical care. More than a half million people are served by a small number of doctors and a handful of small clinics. Aid Distribution International serves in this area by shipping 40-foot containers packed with medicines.
The containers include supplies such as antibiotics, antimalarial, antifungals, analgesics, anti-inflammatories, oral rehydration salts and vitamins. ADI has also provided crutches, prostheses and ambulatory devices to help those injured during the war.

Here is an e-mail message we received from a field worker: “We returned to Kenya from Sudan about two hours ago. We learned that there have been bombings almost every day … in the Nubas. We also verified the distribution of Life Packs, blankets, and meds. Part of the medical shipment went into the Nubas, to the forward-most clinics (12 of them throughout the area).”